Another unwritten rule of gardening -- any self-respecting rock will break at least one shovel before accepting its new home.
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Design Tips

Agave  Americana Yellow RibbonsAgave Americana Mediopicta Dwarf AlbaAgave angustifolia MarginataAgave asperrima Rough Century PlantaveAgave Baccarat - Crystal Bowl Agave
Agave  Americana Yellow Ribbons
Agave Americana Mediopicta Dwarf Alba
Agave angustifolia Marginata
Agave asperrima Rough Century Plantave
Agave Baccarat - Crystal Bowl Agave
Agave BlueFlameAgave_Desmetiana VarArbutus unedoArctostapholos Emerald CarpetAstilia banksii compact form
Agave BlueFlame
Agave_Desmetiana Var
Arbutus unedo
Arctostapholos Emerald Carpet
Astilia banksii compact form
Berberis LomarifoliaBrahea armataBrugmansia 'Charles Grimaldi'Buxus microphylla japonicaCarex divulsa
Berberis Lomarifolia
Brahea armata
Brugmansia 'Charles Grimaldi'
Buxus microphylla japonica
Carex divulsa
Best Marin Plants

Deer, Drought and Year-Round Interest

Here are some of the best plants for Marin in the current
state of drought. Since I want it to be an easy list for you I’ve
limited it to plants that have year-round interest, are cold-hardy
and deer-resistant.

You should always trust your own aesthetic over any author’s
or designer’s. No one can tell you what you should like and
you will be the one looking at your garden every day. Also
know that plants are on a continuum: Deer will sometimes
eat anything, some are more showy than others and few
plants need the exact same amount of water.

This list is intended to be used in conjunction with with your
landscape designer or local nursery staff. I’m a big believer in
talking things through with someone who knows the plant
and your situation. No list or book can account for all the
many variables but The Sunset Western Garden Book is a
start and you can look up these plants there or online.

In an effort to make this list even more useful I’ve visited local
nurseries and confirmed that all of the plants are either
already stocked or are available for special order through regional
wholesalers. As of fall 2014 at least you can avoid
that most annoying of things: Carefully researching a plant
only to be told it isn’t available!

This is a chapter from "Marin Landscape Design," by Dane Rose. It is available for purchase at local bookstores and at Amazon.
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