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Ten Useful Resources for
Marin County Gardeners

1) A New Book: Successfully Landscaping Your Marin Home.
Very down-to earth and includes three exclusive coupons to key local suppliers.

2) A Great Book: Plants and Landscapes For Summer-Dry Climates of the San Francisco Bay Region
One of the best books for picking interesting drought-tolerant plants and learning about our local micro-climates.

3) The Marin Master Gardening Program
Take the program or receive free help from those who already have. The site contains some great articles as well.

4) Local Landscape Classes through the College of Marin.
Avoid thousands of dollars in mistakes and stimulate your mind attending classes through either of these adult education programs.

5) Local Landscape Classes through MarinLearn Adult Education

6) Booklet: How to Be a Great Client for Contractors
Send an e-mail with this title in the subject to Dane Rose, author and owner of Mystical Landscapes to request a free PDF copy of this booklet that can save you much grief and hassle in your dealings with professionals.

7) Mini Electric Tiller.
Amending Marin Soil is often challenging on steep slopes, yet so important. This inexpensive tool can help.

8) The Self Retracting Hose. This really works well!

9) Low Voltage LED Bulbs. In recent months LED bulbs have become so inexpensive that they are now the only way to go. Pay for the bulbs many times over in electrical savings.

10) Sunset Companion Book. This is a great resource for ideas.